Here we will highlight projects that demonstrate the tenets of our approach to innovation: 1) Providing quality consultation requires the right mix of scholar and practitioner experience, 2) Innovation is a team sport, so the ability to collaborate and facilitate is as important as innovation process or technical knowledge, and finally, 3) Innovation is an art that can be facilitated and made repeatable by employing the right methodology. That is why we partner with organizations like the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) and the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP). Quality Innovation is sponsoring the Innovation Olympics to help a great organization, the Capital Area Food Bank, while demonstrating the power of the GIMI methodology and approaches such as the Innovation Olympics to quickly identify break-through solutions to an organization’s strategic problems. Beyond this, we have several goals: Demonstrate that Veterans and Veteran-Owned businesses can make major contributions outside defense and government Demonstrate that small businesses can achieve exponential impacts when they leverage solid innovation methodologies Act as a catalyst for young innovators Demonstrate to millennials and centennials that they can combine their professional and academic skills with their desire to improve their community to achieve significant outcomes that change our world We believe in the idea that businesses can do well while doing good and be a force for positive change in our communities. Our 2017 Innovation Olympics will begin a campaign of applying innovation and teamwork to improve the communities in which we operate.